What is felt products?
Felt is a fabric made of wool fibers or animal hair matted together by steam and pressure without spinning, weaving or knitting. Such fibers include wool, fur and certain other hair fibers that mat together under appropriate conditions because of their peculiar structure and high degree of crimp

What is felt making process?
After carding, the fibers are dyed. Dyeing can be done by hand or by machine, but machine dyeing is more practical for fast color. Upon completion of the coloring process, our skilled laborers compress the raw material by hand with the help of soap & hot water. Our felt products are 100% handmade and are free of chemical additives.
While still wet, the felt is shaped into the pattern of the intended product. The shaping is done by hand without sewing or patching. Hand manipulation and rubbing in combination with the application of hot water achieve the desired shape. The shaped felt items then are sun-dried. After drying, final shaping and joining may require gluing and/or sewing, according to the design.

Most of the felt products are fair trade items produced by low-income and displaced workers, primarily female urban dwellers. Purchasing these felt products serves to help support these workers, who depend on such programs to improve their lives.

Why the products are cheap in Nepal?
Yes, the products are cheaper from Nepal. Because, the raw materials are available cheaper rates. And, manpower are also available in cheaper prices due to the poverty. Prices are also affected by currency rates of USD.

Do you provide free samples?
No, we don't provide any types of free samples.

What is the return policy?
Once the products are shipped are final. If any damages found can be claimed within 1 weeks.

What are the payment details?
Wire transfer, Western Union, Money gram. We are also going accept credit cards very soon.

What are the shipping details?
Normally, we ship the goods by air freights. If the order is big and shipping time is long, we may precede the shipment by sea. And, we use any types of international couriers like DHL, UPS, Fedex and any of customers’ choice.

Why the response is late?
Normally our policy is to reply you within 8 hours, but due to some the geographical time Zone change, we can do that only within 24 hours out of public holidays.

How can you supply large quantities?
We have a lot of sister factories in contact. In the case of large quantities, we distribute the jobs with other factories, but QC control is done by ourselves to make the product consistency.

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